Whole Life Challenge and Filtered Water

Happy New Year!

We all have grand aspirations at the start of a New Year, like a blank state. Lose weight, pay off debt, exercise more, take 5 mins of daily meditation, eat healthy….you know the drill. Have you heard about the Whole Life Challenge?  I just signed up for this with a local team, the program started on Saturday January 19th, and lasts for 3 months.

My awesome team is from Five Wellbeing Spa located in the historic downtown Littleton area in Colorado. I am so excited because I get to utilize their yoga room (with an amazing sound floor) and also some of the treatments that help with the mediation habit of the Whole Life Challenge.

7 Daily Habits from the Whole Life Challenge Website

I am also excited that the Whole Life Challenge incorporates seven healthy habits that focus on whole wellbeing, not just the goal of losing weight: Nutrition, Exercise, Mobilize, Sleep, Hydrate, Well-Being and Reflect.

Resolution to Drink More Water in 2019

One of the key habits that the Whole Life Challenge promotes is HYDRATION. It is great that in the wellness industry, there is so much talk of proper hydration and drinking plenty of water for good health. But what shocks me is not many of these programs specify to drink FILTERED, CLEAN water for HYDRATION, and none of them try and steer their wellbeing-ers away from bottled water! These details on hydration are of utmost importance. I see it as so for two reasons: #1 the health of your body and #2 the health of our earth.

Say you have a resolution to drink more water to achieve better health. To do this, you increase your water intake by three times. The Whole Life Challenge recommends taking your weight and multiplying it by .33 and drink that many ounces of water a day. This equation doesn’t exactly work for me, I drink way more filtered water than that (haha you know I just really love filtered water). But, let's just use the example of increasing your water amount by 3.

The Problem with UN-filtered and Bottled Water

IF you’re drinking UN-filtered water, you are increasing the amount of chlorine and or chloramines (and all the other contaminants that can be present in the water supply) by THREE TIMES!!! This is a negative health problem in itself.

IF you're drinking BOTTLED water, you are increasing the plastic waste you generate by THREE TIMES. And as all of us know what a problem and impact that bottle water has on our world. Even if you are “recycling” the plastic bottles, the waste that goes into making a plastic bottle is astonishing (you can see a simple equation of this on our Instagram post here or read about ways to decrease your single use plastic waste here). Oh, and you will have to PAY for THREE TIMES the bottled water, too! It ain't cheap. Bottled water is such a costly problem, and an easy one to address.

the habit of hydration is better with filtered water!

So you see the problem with drinking unfiltered or bottled water to support your hydration and goals to be a healthier you. The best way to stay properly hydrated is by drinking filtered water from a simple, pretty faucet at your own sink at home. And fill up a reusable container for when you are on-the-go!  After the initial purchase, drinking filtered water is a simple lifestyle change that pays off, big time!  We have many different products in our Body Glove line-up to help easily get you filtered water at home. Each of these are far superior to a filter you may have in your fridge (and you probably haven’t changed that filter in five years). If there is a particular concern, I am happy to help you figure out what system is right for you, email me, call me, or message below.

Extra Thoughts

Stay tuned, my next post is going to be on comparing my favorite refillable water bottles to help you decide which one is perfect for you to stay #cleanlyhydrated on the go.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't let you know that you can also upgrade your filter system with an EverHot, so you can have instant HOT filtered water, if you like to drink tea as a way to stay hydrated. You won't regret adding this handy tool to your kitchen, you can check out all the uses for my beloved Everhot on her own IG page, or blog post here. Or you can also upgrade with an EverCold chiller if you like drinking your water chilly! Check out both options here.

Credit: Whole Life Challenge's Instagram

If you want to read up on the Whole Life Challenge Blog, click here.  Or check out their IG page, I saw the above Dr. Evil post and it affirmed that I really like these folks! Wellbeing and a good laugh go hand in hand.

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