Reverse Osmosis

Maximum Water Quality throughout your home

Did you ever wonder what’s in your home’s water? There’s more to water than what you drink.  Water flows through each faucet, bath and shower.  HousePure treats your home’s water from top to bottom – from the point of entry.

For sustainable whole-home solutions, consider purchasing the HousePure products from Water Inc. Our highly advanced, state-of-the-art whole home water treatment appliances will filter your water thoroughly, removing lead and other dangerous chemicals, so only the clearest and refreshing water flows out from your sink. Protect your home fixtures from the unsightly scale.

Our stylish products are designed to conserve water, some are chemical and salt-free, and they all generate the maximum water quality possible. With HousePure products, you won’t have to sacrifice style or innovation for utility!




The finest in Reverse Osmosis. No water treatment technology removes
more chemicals and contaminants than reverse osmosis, and no system
is easier to use than the Housepure RO-1000.
The RO-1000 system produces 75 gallons per day with four-stage filtration:
a sediment prefilter, a carbon block cartridge, an RO membrane cartridge, and
a GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) post filter cartridge.
Includes a 3.2-gallon storage tank and a chrome Reverse Osmosis faucet.
Reduction Claims:
Arsenic (pentavalent), Barium, Cadmium, Chromium (Hex), Chromium (Tri), Copper, Cysts, Fluoride,
Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Turbidity, Chlorine Taste, and Odor.
Product Benefits:
-Sanitary quick change system eliminates the need to handle filter media
-Easy to change filter with a ¼ turn
-High-capacity filters designed for enhanced contaminant-holding
-Clearer ice cubes
-NSF Certified for Standard 42 & 58 for reduction claims specified
-No electricity required: powered by water line pressure
-California Certification (CDPH)

Water, Inc. offers high-quality water filtration systems and water products for the whole home.  As water filtration is becoming increasingly important, Water, Inc. is proud to present revolutionary water filtration products, such as the HousePure® whole house water systems by Water, Inc. These systems are designed for water filtration, conditioning, softening and scale protection at its entry point to deliver high-quality water to your entire home, streaming from every faucet and fixture.

HousePure’s Four-stage Reverse Osmosis System


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