Water, Inc. offers a number of water filter systems for your tap to ensure that all of the water you drink, cook with, and clean with, is as pure and as good-tasting as it can possibly be. Our filters protect against particles 0.50 microns in size or larger, and they also inhibit lead and other contaminants that cause water to taste bad, like rust, chloramines, lime scale, and asbestos. Our filters guard against the agents that cause your water to be cloudy. The result? Truly safe and delicious water that you can experience every day.







Not everybody in America is lucky enough to live next to mountains and have access to quality water run-off from snow and glaciers. Even if someone does have access to good-tasting mountain water, this water will need to be filtered to remove any bacteria that outside elements, such as plants and animals, contributed to it as it came from the mountain. Most people, however, have to drink and bathe in city water that comes from less reliable sources and is not always fresh. Instead, a lot of this water has been previously used and is then recycled in order to be used multiple times thereafter. This is especially true of cities and towns in desert climates that often experience droughts—the precious water that they do have needs to be rationed and reused whenever possible.

Before this water can enter a person’s home, it has to go through processes that remove particles, bacteria, and viruses that could cause people to get sick from drinking the water or using it to clean themselves or objects in their houses, like dishes and cookware. The problem with water purification, however, is that it is always done in a large scale to constantly provide enough water to sustain any given population. This process results in water that is not as clean as it could or should be, and therefore, the water is still not always safe and doesn’t usually taste good.

That’s where our water filtration systems come in. If people are aware of water filtration systems and what the systems can offer them—cleaner, better tasting water than what their city could ever provide—then water filters will always be in high demand.

For more than 30 years, Water, Inc. has provided consumers and retailers water filter systems of the highest quality and lasting durability. We are the best place to come to for large-scale orders of water filtration systems to sell at your retail location. Whatever type of water filters you are looking to sell at your store or buy for your own home, we are guaranteed to have just what you need.

Need a filter for your business? Our water filtration systems can handle a crowd and provide your workers with healthy, clean, pure, and tasty water. With some systems providing 1,000 gallons of filtered water per cartridge, there is plenty of clean water to go around.

We at Water, Inc. are concerned about the well-being of our community, and this is why we try to give back by making our products recyclable. The cartridges on our filtration systems are of recyclable material, and we encourage everyone who uses our products to take advantage of this water filtration system feature to help us give back to the environment!

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our water filtration systems to use in your home or to sell at your retail location. We will gladly help you decide on the best products for your needs.