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UV Light For Water Treatment Against Bacteria And Viruses

UV Water Filtration Systems

Beyond the typical under‐the‐counter carbon block filter system and/or whole house filter, there are other tools to solve problem water issues.

A UV system is one of these useful tools that can be used when bacteria and viruses are a concern in the water supply.

How Do I Know If A UV System Is Right For Me?

We offer an elaborate test kit to determine if the UV product would be beneficial. Typically, UV is especially helpful for areas where well water is used.

How Does UV Treatment Work?

UV systems work in a similar way as ozone, if you have been following our recent posts. The UV system is installed AFTER a filtration system, like our Body Glove BG12000 carbon block filter. The UV lights work more efficiently when used with water that has already been filtered. In fact, manufacturers require 5 micron filtration ahead of the UV unit.

After filtration, the ultra‐violet light within the chamber attacks the reproductive system in the bacteria so that they cannot multiply. Very simply put, if the bacterium is unable to reproduce, they can’t make you sick.

Your water municipality facilities treat for bacteria before they send the water off to your home. Even with government treatment and precautions in place, there are still thousands of alerts every day in all parts of the country with regards to water quality problems. Water can also be contaminated after treatment through city pipes, or pipes in your home. This is a big deal in Denver, Colorado right now. Denver Water has been sending their customers free water filter pitchers to help mitigate a lead problem from old city pipes.

Regardless of old pipes, the EPA standards set for municipal drinking water may be lower than the standards you demand for your family. Why not easily protect yourself and the people you love??

Water filtration systems are easy and inexpensive compared to bottled or water delivery programs. Specifically, UV systems have no moving parts and merely need the lamp changed once a year. Part of your house’s annual check up and filter change routine!!

Water, Inc. Has An Extensive Line‐up Of UV Products

Please inquire with one of our dealers for more detailed information or your local RSM. We are grateful to be able to assist you in a complete and customized water filtration system.