The Wellness Trend and Home Spa Ideas

Last week I attended an ASID/NKBA CEU credit course “Lunch and Learn” at my local Ferguson showroom on the “Wellness Trend” presented by Michael Kornowa, the Director of Marketing for MTI Baths. I was grateful to have the opportunity, and learn a lot of new things!

Capitalize On Better Health

So this wellness trend is going to be the next “green” movement, if it’s not there already.  Seize the opportunity to understand more about this 4.2 TRILLION dollar global industry, because it’s only getting bigger + bigger.  Maybe you’re reading this and you’re an interior designer, an appliance or plumbing salesperson, or a stay-at-home mom conjuring up your next home remodel project.  It’s great for us all to understand how to live a better, balanced life.

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

The big take away for me from the day was the concept of Seven Dimensions of Wellness. Your mind and body are multidimensional, and of course inter-connected. The seven dimensions are - Social, Emotional, Occupational, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical and Environmental. (This is actually super similar to the habits the Whole Life Challenge encourages from our previous blog entry). Being “well” isn’t “well” if you just checked off the “eating clean” & “work out 5 days a week” boxes, but neglect entirely the "intellectual" & "spiritual" boxes because you’re too stressed out and busy from your job. Remember…..“we are only as well as our weakest dimension.”

Also, as a society we have been so concerned about the environment, global warming, recycling, saving the sea turtles from plastic straws (I admit I am guilty of this one), that we neglect to see the impactful things affecting the biological environment of our own body + self.  Not only do we have to pay attention to eating clean, but the quality of the air we breathe and the water (hopefully filtered) we drink which are equally important for wellness balance.  We are our own little biosphere, just one weak element away from disaster.

Wellness Is Everywhere

Good news, wellness techniques and opportunities are everywhere nowadays, permeating into all aspects of our life so we can easily work on improving weak dimensions in our life.  There are countless destination spas, cycle bars, spiritual retreat centers, eco-resorts and hot yoga studios (my fav being CorePowerYoga and lately admit I have cheated on CPY to go to even hotter + sweatier classes at Sumits).  Ayurvedic therapies, oxygen chambers, infrared saunas, and Cryotherapy are also options now.  I’ve actually tried this one out myself in Redondo Beach, CA at US Cryotherapy and it was pretty cool (actually literally sub-sub-freezing).  Hotels have started providing in-room wellness amenities so you don’t need to leave your room to go the hotel gym. Corporations understand that healthy people = better productivity, so there are moves towards wellness in the workplace.  Things like workplace community gardens, better air quality with superior HVAC, ergonomic chairs or better yet adjustable/standing desks, and natural/ambient lighting help the cause.

A Few More Ideas

A few more awesome ideas to check out are "living walls", the Scandinavian concept of Hygge living, weighted blankets, and Social Media breaks (check out Offline October created by a group of Colorado high school teenagers).  For a better nights sleep, make your bedroom a dark "cave" by eliminating all sources of light + sleep like a baby with a sound machine.  I have had good luck with woman’s ear plugs that fit better in my ears to block out my sweet, snoring husband.  I love my new “feet up” yoga trainer (pictured above by yours truly).  You can experiment with different postures that aid in relaxation, reducing anxiety, better sleep + digestion, metabolism, etc.  Also, in case you didn’t know “Nesting at Home” is the new going out for millennials and moms alike.

Designing Your Own Home Spa

Speaking of Nesting at Home, designing a home spa is a huge trend in the Kitchen & Bath industry right now.  When remodeling an old space or building a new one, there are certain features you can include to create your own relaxation oasis.

Chromatherapy (color changing rain shower heads or color jetted tubs), Sound Therapy (speakers in the shower or the sound of running water), and Aromatherapy (infusers can be put in shower enclosures) all can aid in relaxation by actually affecting your brain.  Water really is the ultimate tool and it is magical. Water can be used for heat, steam, sound, and for the positive effects of its buoyancy (which relieves 92% of gravity’s toll on your body.)

A warm soak in a bathtub is one of the best ways to de-stress, unwind and relax.  There are many types of tubs – soaking tubs, stream baths, air baths, whirlpool jets, or a combination.  MTI has been in the bathing vessel business for many years, creating “Living spaces that promote wellness in a holistic way,” as Michael said at our lunch and learn. The tubs are beautiful pieces of art in and of themselves.  Just celebrating their 30th anniversary, MTI has carved a path for the home wellness long before it was a trend.

Another popular feature of a home spa is a steam unit, which can be built into a shower enclosure, new or existing. The centuries old benefits of steam are amazing for skin, detox and relaxation. Mr. Steam, an industry leader in steam generators, advertises a whopping FORTY ONE amazing advantages of steam bathing.

Water Quality

Water quality however can cause some serious issues for your steam generator if not properly addressed. Hardness minerals are a big problem for steam-producing devices - causing scale buildup, which reduces efficiency & restricts waterways, resulting in a big repair bill.   Most areas of our country have some degree of hardness in the water supply, whether you get your water from your local municipality or a well.

Housepure Solution For Water Quality Concerns

Water, Inc.’s Housepure Dishwasher Filter is a great product that we have traditionally marketed for dishwasher use, but it also works great for a steam unit. This is a special filter, and our only filter that works with hot water.  It also works magic for other water using appliances,  like your espresso machine, coffee maker, and steam oven.

Here comes the technical stuff….the HP-Dishwasher filter removes hardness minerals via ion exchange. This differentiates it from systems which merely attempt to keep minerals in suspension (such as by using polyphosphate). Our filter prevents problems by actually removing the hardness minerals by ion exchange, where competing systems don't remove hardness minerals but simply attempt to sequester them.

HousePure Dishwasher Filter

Basically, it’s a little under counter water softener.  But unlike a whole-home water softener that flushes itself, this unit doesn’t get flushed automatically, so the filter needs to be changed periodically. Its easy to tell when you need to change the filter, because you’ll start getting spots on your water glasses in the dishwasher, or spots on your shower door.

When installing the HP-Dishwasher Filter, make sure you can access it for easy filter changes.  Plumb it in on the hot water line before the steam generator (which will need access anyways).  Click for specs.

Here’s to living a balanced life in all seven dimensions and making life better with filtered water. Namaste!

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