The E Coli Scare and the kitchen tool that can protect your family

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating an E. coli outbreak in the US and Canada that is possibly linked to romaine lettuce. Over 50 people have been sickened and at least one person has died. Consumer Reports says to stop eating romaine lettuce until the cause is located, and the product has been removed from the marketplace. As I am typing this blog entry and have been reading about the subject over the past couple of days, more recent articles are saying it may be too soon to blame just romaine lettuce and are broadening the caution to leafy greens.

“It is clear that the E.coli bacteria that made the U.S. victims and the Canadian victims sick are closely related. Canada has identified the source as romaine lettuce,” says Jean Halloran of Consumer Reports. “Right now the CDC is saying it could be other leafy greens, but until we have more corroborating evidence, we continue to think it prudent to avoid romaine lettuce for now.”

So this leaves things a little uncertain and makes consumers a little uneasy. What IS certain is there are risks with our food coming from many sources all over the place – risks of bacteria and other contamination scares. I remember recently there was also a listeria scare, and the packaged salads to avoid were being sold in every type of grocery from Whole Foods to Costco.

A good way to provide some relief and peace of mind would be with our Ozone Faucet. This is the main kitchen faucet, with an ozone generator that installs under the sink. With the touch of a button, the faucet delivers a powerful 10-second burst of ozonated water.

In 2001, the FDA approved the use of Ozone commercially for food processors to kill food-borne pathogens. Now, Water, Inc. brings Ozone technology into your kitchen, right at your fingertips! Ozonated water kills over 99% of bacteria and has 3,000 times the bacteria-killing ability of chlorine. It destroys the membrane layer of bacteria, causing it to disintegrate.

This is such a powerful tool for you to have in your home and protect your family. It is so healthy to eat fruits and veggies, but at the same time so scary what kind of contamination can come from our food sources.  From packaged foods to fresh produce plucked from the farmers’ market, there’s no guarantee that you will be safe.  But you can reduce your risk with the power of an ozone faucet.

There are many other benefits of ozonated water: it extends the life of your produce, removes pesticides and odors. Click here to read more about this amazing faucet. Ask your local dealer for pricing and availability (click this link to look up a dealer). Or call us directly at 800-322-9283* for help finding the best place to purchase. Our receptionist would be happy to help you.

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The above quotation from Consumer Reports was sourced from this article