Blowing Minds With Our Ozone Faucet

“…the Ozone Faucet, I have to admit I did not know anything about it, but it launched me out of my seat…especially right now.” – Annette Reeves What Propelled This Woman From Her Pirch?! Last week, Annette Reeves began popping up on our social media feeds. She is the real deal in the Kitchen and …

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ozone faucet 1 with generator

Ozone Water For Your Kitchen PART II

Ozone Water For Your Home In our last post, we introduced you to ozone water.  We talked about food safety outbreaks, how ozone is made, and how it sanitizes.  Fitting, since our last post, unfortunately another huge recall outbreak is all over the news.  This time ground beef is the culprit. Now we’ll be more specific …

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image of Water, Inc. Ozone Faucet

Residential Ozone Water

Food Safety Is A Concern of Your Family The Environmental Working Group has released their new Dirty Dozen list for 2019 – did you see it?  Kale.  Apparently it’s trouble.  Feeling hesitant to eat romaine lettuce  after the scare that emptied grocery shelves last fall? This E. coli outbreak affected families in seventeen states.  Other culprits? Ground beef, turkey, romaine …

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