Small Business Saturday: Appreciating our local dealers

Get Ready for Shop Small Business Saturday!

Today we gear up for Shop Small Business Saturday as we discuss small vs big. Then we are taking the opportunity to highlight some of our favorite local dealers.  This blog isn't as much of an advertisement to “shop this sale” or “buy this, click here” but more of an appreciation of the wonderful opportunity small business is, and the stores we love to work with.  This is Part 1 with Part 2 coming on Saturday.

The Big:

All the big chains and “big box” stores have basically ruined this holiday weekend as far as I am concerned, when they started opening up late Thursday. Or even early Thursday. Not to mention the whole e-commerce situation…'s a madhouse out there! Online, and out at the big stores, where the quest to post the lowest price and wait in the longest line is plentiful, but customer service is nowhere to be found.  I love the stores that have pushed back, and are closed until the traditional “Black Friday” fiascos begin.

The Small:

Better yet is the Small Business Saturday push, did you know this was a thing?? Well, Small Business Saturday is the very day after Black Friday. I learned something new doing a little research on this, that Small Businesses Saturday was actually started by American Express. It was a campaign started by the credit card company in 2010, during a time when many small businesses were suffering from the poor economy. This neat effort to help boost local economies has stuck around.

Here are some cool stats on shopping local and building your local economy (I got these stats from a few customers signature lines on their emails):

• Small businesses account for 75% of all new jobs and employ just over ½ of all U.S. Workers.

• Locally-owned businesses reinvest in the local economy at a 60% higher rate than chains and Internet retailers.

• If every family in the country spent an extra $10 a month with a locally-owned, independent business instead of a national chain, over $9.3 billion would be directly returned to local economies.

Our "Small" Beginnings:

Water, Inc. is a small business as I am sure you know. My dad Major started the business in our family home, with humble beginnings back in 1977. I can only imagine my sweet mom’s reaction when my dad came home and told her that he was leaving his (I am sure somewhat lucrative) insurance-selling career to sell water filters! Water filters! In 1977 I can guarantee you that not many people saw the value of filtering their water (decades before the bottled water obsession mind you).

Since our beginning, Major has valued the concept of the local “brick and mortar” showroom for the distribution and sale of our products. Forget the big box stores, Major saw the value of promoting our products through the “little guys”, the people that know what true customer service is all about. We are so grateful for the network of dealers that we have developed relationships with over the past 40 + years.

Our Local Dealers - Appreciating Some of our Partners:

This Small Business Saturday I thought it would be cool to talk about a few of them, hoping to inspire a few dollars to be spent on the local level, to support our partners who have become friends.

photos from Christopher's Instagram feed

Christopher's Showroom

Christopher’s Plumbing and Christopher's Kitchen & Bath in Denver, Colorado has been in business since 1959, and grown into an awesome father-son-grandson run business by the Ardrey family.  Having started as a plumbing company, they have grown into a premier Kitchen & Bath showroom, designer & contractor as well.  They specialize in complete remodel, offering some unique niche products, and even have their very own cabinet and vanity line. Christopher has always seen the value of filtered water, and the added benefit of an instant hot system like our Everhot.  They have been a customer of Water, Inc’s since the early 80’s when they first opened their showroom.  We congratulate them on their continued success, especially with their second showroom location opening in downtown Denver soon.

Christopher's Showroom: 720-572-1797 WEBSITEINSTAGRAMHOUZZ

photos from CBD's Twitter feed and House page

California Builders Distributors (CBD)

California Builders Distributors. CBD has two locations, one in Livermore and another in Rocklin California, and is owned by Sharon Dixon. Sharon has owned CBD for over 20 years and has been a strong supporter of Water, Inc. She particularly loves Perlick, the high-end appliance line we represent, and has four units at her own home. Stop by the showroom to see a newly installed  beautiful Perlick wine column unit.  They also support our Water, Inc. and Body Glove items as well. They recognize that there are many appliance showrooms that sell the same brands they do, but they differentiate themselves by “the personal, professional and expert service guaranteed each and every visit.” Sharon is proud to have a successfully thriving, minority and female owned business and we are proud to support her and her business.

California Builders Distributors: 800-874-1752 WEBSITEHOUZZ

photos of University Electric's showroom

University Electric

University Electric Home Appliance Center is locally, family owned and operated for over 90 years in Santa Clara, CA.  Their professional sales staff offers nearly 400 combined years of sales experience in the appliance industry, caring and serving customers and the needs of many of the area's most distinguished designers, builders and remodelers. They carry a complete display from the world's best appliance manufacturers.  And, their 26,000 square foot on site warehouse with its large inventory allows for quick and easy pick up of merchandise or prompt delivery. Brings us your project and let us help make your dream kitchen a reality!

University Electric: 408-496-0500 WEBSITECHECK OUR THEIR BLOG

Get out and go local

Tis the season…..we move on from Thanksgiving to Christmas with the flip of a switch. Pretty incredible really; we start the season with the Thanksgiving focus on our gratitude and have thankful hearts. Then immediately onto the Christmas season that is now best defined by “what do you want.” We are in such a rush that sometimes we value a click on the internet more than the experience of going out and getting what you want to get for others.

Maybe this year, you can take the extra time to get up and out, and support an incredible local business like Christopher’s Showroom, CBD Appliance, or University Electric. You will appreciate the extra lovin’ and the value of real customer service, from a true professional. After all, you do get what you pay for and it pays to use a professional.

And while we're on the subject of giving, how about the gift of water filtration for the holidays?  Head out to one of our local dealers and pick one up.

Shop Local. Shop Small Businesses Saturday (or any day for that matter)!

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