Blowing Minds With Our Ozone Faucet

“…the Ozone Faucet, I have to admit I did not know anything about it, but it launched me out of my seat…especially right now.” – Annette Reeves

What Propelled This Woman From Her Pirch?!

Last week, Annette Reeves began popping up on our social media feeds. She is the real deal in the Kitchen and Bath world, and is a Pirch Lifestyle Advisor.  She has over 20 years of experience in the building and design industry. So why was Annette tagging us and what was she posting about??

The Water, Inc. Ozone Faucet and its amazing disinfecting properties! Just a few days before, Jim Haggerty (her local sales manager) informed her about the ozone faucet which she was totally unaware of.  It blew her away!  Annette felt compelled to share on her social media sites to educate her followers given the current global Coronavirus Pandemic.

“You (Water, Inc.) have the most amazing lines that I love….and pretty much sell on a daily basis.  But I thought this one (the ozone faucet) was the most important to get out to our trade customers and clients right now.” – Annette Reeves


Per our new normal, she “sat down” with Jim via a Zoom session to discuss the Ozone Faucet in more detail, and he filled her in on some of the key features. Annette had her son video the session so that she could post to her social sites. All this was done in the comfort of her home, wine in hand.  Brilliant!

zoom meeting
Annette learning about Ozone via Zoom

You can watch the 7 minute video here

Ozone Is Naturally Occurring

Ozone is a naturally occurring aspect in the environment. Think back to the last rainstorm you remember and the fresh smell that came from it.  Lightning creates the same effect and makes ozone. The fresh smell stays for a while and then it dissipates.

What Is Ozone?

Ozone technology has been around for about 150 years and has been used consistently in Europe and Asia for its benefits in sanitation. It is 99% effective in reduction of bacteria on fruits and vegetables. It cuts down bacteria on fish, meats and poultry as well.

A 10 second exposure to the ozone blast is all that is needed to free your hands from viruses and bacteria, which we can really get behind at this time.  Ozone water can also be used to clean frequently used surfaces.

Aside from this phenomenal use, it can eliminate strong kitchen smells from food, sponges, towels and surfaces with a quick rinse.  Hands smell after chopping that clove of garlic? Just rinse it away with ozone.

“A 10 second use of the ozone faucet is an effective and environmentally sensitive method to sanitize fruits & vegetables, and lengthen their storage life by eliminating over 99% of bacteria from surfaces.  It has been proven effective in Europe and Asia for over 150 years.” – Jim Haggerty

The Nuts And Bolts

This product is sold in a kit (faucet + ozone generator).  A small device fits under your sink and allows a 3rd molecule of oxygen to be added to the water when you press a button on the faucet. It creats a bubbly effect with the water when it is activated, and allows you to utilize the benefits of ozone water.

We have the kits in stock in chrome and brushed nickel finishes.

Please go to our dealer locator to see stores in your area that are displaying our Ozone Faucet.  Most have live displays to experience!  If you do not see a dealer in your area, call our office at 800-322-9283.

More Information About The Ozone Faucet

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