Perlick® Luxury Under Counter Refrigeration

Perlick Refrigeration

Host an evening of effortless entertainment with Perlick refrigeration in the comfort of your home. As your leading source for quality home products, Water Inc. brings Perlick refrigeration to provide you and your guests with luxury. Whether you are interested in bar equipment or under-counter refrigeration, Perlick refrigeration systems will transform your home entertaining experience, leaving you and your guests with countless memories.


Features of Perlick Refrigeration

All Perlick products are energy efficient and feature:

  • A stainless steel interior.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Stable temperatures.

Choose between a freezer, refrigerator, wine cabinet, or beer dispenser. Or pick two temperatures with Perlick’s new revolutionary dual-zone units. Store wine at the optimal temperature, and other drinks chilled at their optimal temperature, in the same system.

Other features of Perlick refrigeration may include:

  • Vinyl coated full-extension shelving with guardrails.
  • One or two tap dispensers for beer.
  • Vinyl coated racks to chill martini glasses and beer mugs.

With Perlick refrigeration, you can be the ultimate entertainer. Host an outdoor party with Perlick Beer Dispensers, or chill martini glasses in preparation for your home soirée. The uses are endless!

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Whether you are interested in home products, including Perlick refrigeration, water filters, or filtration systems, Water Inc. is your number one stop for state-of-the-art products for the whole home. Don’t wait! Call 1-(800)-322-WATER today to learn which products are perfect for your home and entertainment usage!

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