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Tom and the Blissful Sisters take Shine to a new level with Perlick

A match made in ethereal, fairy heaven!  When our Colorado/Utah sales rep Tom got talking to his friend & restaurateur Jill about her relocation plans for her Boulder, Colorado restaurant Shine, it got his wheels turning.

Shine Potions and the Triplets

Jill and her sisters (they are TRIPLETS!), known as the “Blissful Sisters,” have been serving special drinks called “Shine Potions” for some time.  The potions present a unique dispensing issue as they are created with ingredients such as maca, ginger, and black cherry along with others, which need to be agitated within the potion.  In addition to being a super healthy beneficial drink, they also mix their potions with spirits.

Photo credit: Perlick

The Blissful Sisters decided to relocate Shine and undertake a complete remodel. Previously at the Pearl Street location, they needed to shake the bottles before dispensing their potions.  Because of this, the sisters were eager to have the drinks on a tap system at their new space, and Tom helped connect the sisters and Perlick.

Answering The Call

Perlick answered the call with a system using a separate pump and special kegs, which mix the potions in the keg and dispense the perfect potion to the glass.

This was all possible because Tom is well versed and trained with Perlick products, and he knows that Perlick is legendary in the bar and restaurant industry for a good reason.  Traditionally the drinks that are “delivered” with Perlick lines are beer products and not magical potions.  Mile High Stadium is just one of the places also here in Colorado where thirsty fans enjoy cold beers delivered from literally MILES of refrigerated Perlick beer lines.

Making Dreams Come True

At Water, Inc., we have been making residential kitchen and bar dreams come true for our clientele with the residential side of Perlick.   15 years ago Water, Inc. became Perlick’s first distributor of residential Perlick products.  Since then, we’ve been storing and preserving fine wine collections, pouring perfect craft beer in basement bars, and keeping food fresh in the new column refrigeration product line.  Our sales reps have become experts at pouring a variety of beverages from the Perlick taps at showroom events such as:

  • Perfectly poured Craft beers
  • Root beer floats
  • Italian sodas made with filtered water made sparkly with Perlick beer dispensers
  • Cold-brewed coffee

Maybe these types of pours helped Tom think to bring the Blissful Sisters potions on tap to fruition.

Photo credit: Perlick

What is a "Potion?"

What exactly is a potion you ask??  Quoting from the Shine Boulder website, “SHINE POTIONS ARE ENCHANTED BEVERAGES INTENDED TO HELP YOU PLAYFULLY TRANSFORM YOUR EXPERIENCE OF LIFE. Through a harmony of nourishing adaptogenic herbs, vibrational essences, sound-frequencies and more, we tune each potion to be a specific intention, one that is ultimately fulfilled by our most important ingredient: YOU. For all that we put into our Potions is but a reflection of the power you already contain. In other words: THE MAGIC’S IN YOU.”



Check out our events pouring bevs from Perlick taps and other fun pics on our Instagram page.


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All credit & design goes to the Perlick commercial division.  Water, inc. is a distributor of Perlick residential products, and does not sell or distribute Perlick commercial product.  The “Shine” system is a custom commercial product and is not available for residential customers.