Ozone Faucets

Water, Inc.’s Ozone Faucets with a commercial grade ozone generator are amazing for your kitchen!

We have a 2-page info & specifications sheet.  If you would like to read an introduction to the technology of our ozone faucet, read this blog post.  If you would like to see a list of ozone uses and answers for frequently asked questions, read this blog post. The health and safety of your family is probably on your mind a lot more these days, it certainly is on our minds!  Read this blog post to see how the ozone faucet can kill viruses like COVID-19.

Please go to our dealer locator to see stores in your area that are displaying our Ozone Faucet.  Most have live displays to experience!  If you do not see a dealer in your area, call our office at 800-322-9283.