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Residential Ozone Water

Food Safety Is A Concern of Your Family

The Environmental Working Group has released their new Dirty Dozen list for 2019 – did you see it?  Kale.  Apparently it’s trouble.  Feeling hesitant to eat romaine lettuce  after the scare that emptied grocery shelves last fall? This E. coli outbreak affected families in seventeen states.  Other culprits? Ground beef, turkeyromaine lettuce, salmonella, E. coli, and listeria. This is a good link with a list of outbreaks broken down by year.

leafy greens
Leafy greens photo: @mbfarmersmarket

The Ozone Solution!

Water, Inc.’s ozone faucet instantly turns your water into a powerful sanitizer.  It quickly kills 99% of  E. coli from your produce, gets rid of salmonella on chicken, and sanitizes your workstations.  Ozone also reduces chemical and non-synthetic pesticides from your vegetables and fruits.

modern chrome ozone faucet
One of the beautiful ozone faucet options from Water, Inc.

Water, Inc. is the pioneer of residential water filtration.  In 1977, our owner Major had foresight to see the benefits of clean water into the home; long before people knew they why they needed a water filter.  Back in the day, water quality issues were not in the news like they are now.  Bottled water was not a thing.  People didn’t have simple built in water filters in their fridges. We are the water filter experts, and believe ozone is going to be the next big thing in kitchen appliances + residential water filtration.

What is Ozonized Water Anyway?

Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring sanitizer and has been used in cleaning for over 150 years. You know that smell after a summer rain storm? That is actually the smell of ozone, as it is generated when lightning strikes. O3, is created when three oxygen molecules bind together.

lightning strike
The smell of lightning.

It is safe for you and the environment, because the only by-product is pure oxygen. Therefore, no harsh chemicals are needed for this cleaning tool. This article is a great read for more technical details.

This technology has been used commercially for years for food prep, swimming pools, and bottling water.  We worked hard to get our product registered and approved by the stringent California standards for residential use.

How Does the Ozone Faucet Work?

How is residential ozone made? An ozone generator box gets plugged in under your sink, and then plumbed to a special faucet with a button. The generator sucks in ambient air, turns the O2 into O3, which gets injected into your faucet’s water.  Turn your faucet on, and press a button. The result is ozonized water, a powerful sanitizer, to clean your kitchen and food.

Undercounter shot of ozone products and water filtration
Ozone set up at Monark Appliance, San Francisco. 

Why Use Ozone In Your Home?

It is the best way to protect your family from food-borne illness and clean prep areas in your kitchen. 1 in 6 people will become sickened each year with a food-borne illness, about 48 million people. Fruits and vegetables are the biggest culprits, like fresh herbs, berries, green onions, leafy greens, melons, sprouts, and tomatoes. Sadly, 3000 people die from food-borne diseases each year.

Even organic produce is treated with non-synthetic pesticides. As a result, pesticides can be washed away more effectively with this helpful tool.

FDA Approved Technology

In 2001, the FDA approved the use of ozone commercially to kill food-borne pathogens in the treatment, storage, and processing of foods. Now, you can put this technology in your home kitchen to keep your family safe.

Please go to our dealer locator to see stores in your area that are displaying our Ozone Faucet.  Most have live displays to experience!  If you do not see a dealer in your area, call our office at 800-322-9283.

Stay tuned for our next post regarding how to use ozone in your kitchen, and FAQ’s….