ozone faucet 1 with generator

Ozone Water For Your Kitchen PART II

Ozone Water For Your Home

In our last post, we introduced you to ozone water.  We talked about food safety outbreaks, how ozone is made, and how it sanitizes.  Fitting, since our last post, unfortunately another huge recall outbreak is all over the news.  This time ground beef is the culprit.

Now we’ll be more specific on what you can wash in ozone water and its helpful uses in your kitchen.  FAQ’s are also addressed below, because there are lots of questions since our last post!

So Many Uses In The Kitchen – Way Beyond Simply Washing Fresh Produce

  • Clean baby bottles, cups, pacifiers and toys. Chemical cleaners typically leave behind residue, then kids put the toys in their mouth.  The ozone faucet is a great way to sanitize without chemicals.
  • Rinse rags in ozone water, then use them to wipe down the tables and countertops.  Keep your kitchen cleaner, longer. (Also keeps the rags clean too!)
  • Remove pesticides.  Summer season is coming up, with a lot of fruit for sale. Keep the family safe with ozone and reduce the pesticides from your fruit and veggies.
  • Keep food fresh.  Food goes bad because of bacteria on the surface.  Wash your fruits & vegetables in ozone water, let it drip dry, then put them back in the fridge.  They’ll last longer, saving you money!
  • Removes odors. Remove the smell of garlic, onions and smoke from your hands.  Wash your sponges in ozone to prevent them from getting smelly.
  • Kill bacteria.  Eliminating bacteria on fruits and vegetables, is especially important when we eat them raw.  Ozone wash will kill 99% of bacteria and removes 75% of pesticides.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the ozone faucet serve as a primary faucet?

Yes, typically the ozone faucet is the primary, regular mixer faucet in your kitchen, delivering hot and cold water.  Water flows normally through the faucet.  With the faucet on,  press the green button at the base of the faucet to activate ozone water.  You can also install the ozone faucet at a prep sink if it would be more useful for you there.

What is the life time of the under sink ozone generator box?

The life time of the ozone generator box is approximately 8,000 to 10,000 hours of use (when the blue light is on). So typically, the average life time for a household is five to seven years.  Once the life of the machine is exhausted, you can purchase a new ozone generator box from Water, Inc.

 Can ozone water be harmful?

Our system meets FDA guidelines on ozone safety and is California Energy Commission certified.  Inhaling too much ozone can be harmful, but a homeowner will never be exposed to the dangerous levels from the residential generator.  Ozone, like all cleaners, must be controlled at the right amount.  Too little is useless, too much can be dangerous.  The FDA stipulates that no more than 0.05 ppm of ozone can be released into the air.  Third party tests have shown that our system produces less than 0.01 ppm and meets the FDA standards, thus our system is safe to use.

Why does my water LOOK different out of the faucet with ozone on?

The special gas-water mixer creates millions of tiny bubbles in the water and fills the bubbles with ozone, giving the water a milky look.

Do I need to include a water filter before the ozone faucet?

While it’s not mandatory, many customers choose to add the BG6000FF filter to the ozone faucet.  This filter reduces the chlorine, chloramines, sediment and other contaminants from the water while flowing at a fast rate.  Your ozonated water is filtered and then can best sanitize.

Ozone system installed with BG6000FF side by side with Everhot/BG3000

What is ozone water FDA approved for?

Although there may be medicinal and therapeutic benefits to ozone water, at this point, these claims cannot be substantiated.  Doctors note medicinal and therapeutic benefits, however we advise the use of ozone water for food and surface cleaning.  The FDA approves the use of ozone water as a food disinfectant.


My sink drain smells terrible, will ozone remove the odors? 

Yes!  Those odors are caused by bacteria left behind from food particles in the dark, moist environment of your sink drain and disposal.  Each time you wash, you are sending ozone water down the drain to kill the bacteria at the source.

What is included with the Water, Inc. ozone faucet?

The Water, Inc. package includes the ozone faucet and the under sink ozone generator box. Purchase the BG6000FF separately.

How many different faucet styles are available?

We offer four different faucet style options.

From left to right:

Ozone One in Chrome (part number #SKUA04) and Satin Nickel (part number #SKUA05).  Faucet One is a pull-out faucet and has a bonus sprayhead included, so you essentially get two faucet styles from which to choose. 

Ozone Two is a pull-out faucet, available in Chrome (part number #SKSF01-CH) and Satin Nickel (part number #SKSF01-SN).

Ozone Three, available in Chrome (part number #SLUA01-CH) and Satin Nickel (part number #SLUA01-SN).

Ozone Four, available in Chrome (part number #SLUA02-CH) and Satin Nickel (part number #SLUA02-SN).


Please go to our dealer locator to see stores in your area that are displaying our Ozone Faucet.  Most have live displays to experience!  If you do not see a dealer in your area, call our office at 800-322-9283.