Washing your hands with soap and ozone water.

COVID New Normal – Stay Safe With Ozone Water

Ozone Faucets for the Kitchen
Ozone water is the best way to wash produce and get rid of harmful bacteria and germs like E. coli.

Ozone Water

This is huge!  We have told you before about using the benefits of ozone water.  Now more than ever, sanitizing using ozone technology offers an incredible tool as we move into a COVID new normal.  Ozone is used to kill bacteria and viruses on food, but did you know you can also use it to keep your family safe by sanitizing surfaces in your home and washing your hands more effectively?

So Many Coronavirus Questions

Since Coronavirus is new, we don’t have a lot of hard data specifically on COVID-19 yet.  There is debate about how long Coronavirus lives on surfaces, among other things.  BUT, there are numerous studies that show that ozone kills the SARS Coronavirus CoV-2 which is nearly the same as COVID-19.  Read this from the Thailand Medical News if you want more detailed information.

Kill Those Germs!!

Just as ozone water has disinfecting capabilities with cleaning fruits and veggies, it can also clean surfaces like your countertop and door handles.  How does this work?? Ozone is able to kill viruses by impacting their lipid envelope and damaging the virus’ DNA and RNA.  Without this intact, the virus cannot survive.

How To

Typically with the ozone faucet, you run an item (like a baby’s pacifier) under the stream of water to disinfect. To disinfect a surface, run your cleaning rag under the ozone water and use it to clean surfaces.  It has the same disinfecting effect because the ozone gas lingers on the rag. It does evaporate off, so the sooner you clean, the better.

Wash Your Hands

According to the CDC, the most recommended way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to wash your hands.  We all are familiar with common hand-washing occasions like after visiting the bathroom, and before/after eating.  A new, healthy practice to adapt is to wash your hands upon returning home from being outside.  Wash your hands (with soap) in ozone water to increase effectiveness.

How It Works

Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring sanitizer and has been used in cleaning for over 150 years. You know that smell after a summer rainstorm? That is actually the smell of ozone, as it is generated when lightning strikes. O3, is created when three oxygen molecules bind together.

How is residential ozone created? An ozone generator is plugged in under your sink, and then plumbed to a special faucet with an ozone button. Turn your faucet on – and press the button. The generator takes in ambient air, turns the O2 into O3, which gets injected into your faucet’s water.  The result is ozonized water, a powerful sanitizer, to clean your kitchen and food.

Ozone Faucet and Generator
Ozone Faucet and Generator

And There Is More

Another bonus…..Household cleaners leave behind a chemical residue.  The ozone faucet is a great way to sanitize without chemicals and unwanted residue lingering.

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