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It's Back To School Time.  Back to your kids drinking water with lead???  This is “old” news indeed because it has been in the news for years.  But despite all the news and concern, it is still relevant because many schools have not tested or addressed the lead issue.  I just read another article regarding lead in school drinking water for the Environmental Working Group (EWC).


It is unfortunate because, with all the resources available in our wonderful, affluent country, this should be a non-issue.  It is crazy to talk to read that the EPA has a HIGHER acceptable level for school systems than for the regular municipal water supply.  This makes no sense since school children are smaller in weight and size than adults.  Common sense says the level should be LOWER because their poor little bodies can’t tolerate the degree that an adult could.  Their growing bodies and brains should need to be protected. Children are very susceptible to the damaging effects of lead, causing damage to brains and nervous system.


“Our littlest children are highly susceptible to lead’s damaging effects and absorb as much as 50 percent of the lead they take in through drinking water,” said Susan Little, EWG’s senior advocate for California government affairs.


Crazy talk also because lead is a natural contaminant to remove.   There are many filters available that are certified for lead reduction, our Body Glove Water Filter line up is one of them.  Filters can easily be installed on a drinking water fountain, or with the popular water bottle fillers that are being installed all over for refillable bottles.


Ask your school if they have tested the water supply from the drinking fountains for lead, and then make sure that filters are installed where children are drinking.  Besides lead, there can be other harmful contaminants in municipal water that feeds your children’s school water supply. Establishing a point of use drinking water system is an excellent line of defense for our children. In Southern California, the Manhattan Beach School District uses our Body Glove Water filtration systems throughout their district for drinking water and makes sure to change the filters annually.


Whichever filter you choose, ensure that it is certified to the strict standards of NSF.  NSF standard 53 is the “health-related contaminants” standard, which among many other things, includes lead.


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