Perlick - Luxury under counter refrigeration for the home


  • Enjoy ice cold beverages, brewery-fresh draft beer, the perfectly chilled vintage, crisp fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor, and even chilled face cream – all made possible with Perlick’s quality line of residential undercounter refrigeration.
  • Featuring the most innovative products in the industry, Perlick makes it easier than ever to add refrigeration to any room of the home – including the home bar, entertainment room, kitchen ,family room, and bathroom – no matter how much space you have.
  • For nearly 100 years, Perlick’s award-winning products have inspired our customers.

Perlick®, an industry leader in commercial bar and beverage equipment, introduces state-of-the-art refrigeration systems for distinctive homes, making luxury home entertaining for you a breeze.

We proudly distribute Perlick Bar Equipment and Undercounter Refrigeration products. All our appliances are energy and water efficient and carry an Energy Star certification.


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Commercial Grade Equipment, Refined for Your Home

All Perlick® products feature separate temperature zones for freezer, refrigerator, and wine cabinet applications, plus commercial-grade stainless steel interior and a Variable Capacity Compressor for quiet operation. All units provide superior energy efficiency and reliably stable temperatures across all zones.

Additionally, Perlick® provides you with innovations such as vinyl coated full-extension shelving with guard rails, three-tap beer dispensers, vinyl coated racks for chilling martini glasses and beer mugs and the power of 995 – 1985 Btu. All this translates to a luxury home entertaining experience that will certainly make a lifelong impression on you and your guests. Use as a stand-alone cabinet or with wood overlay doors for a fully integrated appearance.

Discover the Quality, Durability, and Innovative Thinking of Perlick®

The luxury of enjoying a draught beer at home achieves a new level with a Perlick® Beer Dispenser. Perlick® has been making commercial beverage dispensing equipment since before Prohibition, and today, you too can avail yourself to a wide range of choices for your home needs – including models with one, two, or even three taps. Because Perlick® is the only company to offer a three tap Beer Dispenser for use at home, it is the perfect product for luxury home. To provide the ultimate in outdoor entertaining, Perlick® also offers Beer Dispensers which are UL-rated for outdoor use. Whenever you think about your needs for undercounter beverage centers and commercial grade undercounter refrigeration, think Perlick® refrigeration.

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