Dishwasher Filter System


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Are you frustrated every time you run your dishwasher and your glasses, plates and silverware come back spotted and dirty? Have you been embarrassed by dishes with white scale film? Then Water, Inc.’s HousePure® Dishwasher Filter System is the solution for you. This system is specifically formulated to removed hard water minerals that cause spotting and build-up when you run your dishwasher. With the HousePure® Dishwasher Filter System, all of your kitchenware will shine!

The Benefits of Choosing HousePure®

There are a number of reasons why our water filters and filtration systems are chosen as top products by consumers across the U.S. Some of the outstanding features of our dishwasher filter systems include:

  • Improve Dishwasher Performance
  • Specially Formulated to Remove Hard Water Minerals
  • Specifically Manufactured to Withstand Hot Water Used in Dishwashers
  • Installed In-line Before Dishwasher
  • Sparkling Clean Glassware Emerges from Every Wash
  • Works great with steam baths!
  • All Installation Parts are Included
  • Dimensions: W 4.5” x H 16.25”


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