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It's not JUST for tea. But here we are makin' tea!

My Best Friend: A Day in the Life of my EverHot Instant Hot Water

My EverHot® instant hot water system is hands down, the favorite thing in my kitchen! I have been saying this for years and years. The EverHot is like your best friend in the kitchen.

A Bold Statement for a Bold Appliance

In fact, I tout the EverHot instant hot water system as THE most used kitchen appliance. Bold statement I know, but it's true. So, in order to back up this bold statement with cold hard facts, I decided to take an inventory the other day of how many times I actually used this miraculous instant hot water gadget.


A Day in the Life of My EverHot:

4:10 am: Baby bottle – 1/3 EverHot water to make the perfect temperature formula that is, most importantly, made with clean Body Glove® filtered water.

7:00 am: Filled the coffee pot with EverHot, then dumped the water out. This helps keep the coffee hot longer.

7:03 am: Hot water + lemon to start the day for better digestion.

7:15 AM: HOT coffee + EverHot

7:15 am: Warmed up coffee mug with EverHot, then poured the coffee in. Coffee is better HOT!

7:20 am: Mixed oatmeal + baby food for the little one's breakfast.

7:45 AM: Oatmeal + EverHot

7:45 am: Instant Oatmeal cup before yoga class for momma.

8:30 am: Baby bottle.

2:20 PM: Dirty Dishes + EverHot

2:20 pm: Cleaned up the cookie sheet from our football snacks.

3:02 pm: Powdered energy drink – use a bit of EverHot to let the vitamins dissolve in the hot water, then fill up the rest with cold filtered water.

3:40 pm: Clean up a spoon with cheese dip stuck to it.

4:00 pm: Clean up baby bottles.

4:13 PM: Noodles + EverHot

4:13 pm: Resolve 7 year-old's “hangry situation” with a Cup of Noodles, quickly!

4:40 PM: Baby Bottle + EverHot

4:40 pm: Baby bottle.

7:00 pm: Bedtime baby bottle.

7:30 pm: Washing the baby bottles and other dishes. Let the casserole dish soak for a few filled with Everhot water and soap, and then cleaning up baked on junk is easy.

7:42 PM: Ice Cream Scooper + EverHot

7:42 pm: Heat up the ice cream scooper to serve with ease perfectly scooped sorbet for dessert.

Total Count:

Wow, I used my EverHot SIXTEEN TIMES in one day!! And I didn't even use it to make tea - which what most people think of when they think about instant hot water. It's not just for making tea, people!

Additional Tips for EverHot + You in the Kitchen!

• Like all kitchen appliances, make sure to use the EverHot with care. The hot water can burn you if you are not careful. Safety first!

• Older children should be instructed on how to use the EverHot properly when making snacks so they do not hurt themselves.

• The EverHot is best paired with a Body Glove® water filter system, because who wants icky tasting instant hot water - no one does. Our most popular EverHot systems have a dual levered faucet so you can have access to instant HOT filtered water on the left lever, and ambient filtered water on the other side of the faucet. We have a great collection of Hot & Cold faucets to match any kitchen.

• There is an adjustable dial on the tank so that you can turn it up or down. This is particularly useful for baby formula. You can dial it in so it makes the perfect temp formula every time without having to mix hot and cold water. It is also beneficial to use filtered water of course while mixing formula, to assure you are giving your baby the best and healthy drink.

• Also, the adjustable dial is very handy in high altitude areas. We recommend setting the dial to ¾ max so that the water doesn’t boil off too much and cause the faucet to drip.

• A great feature of our Water, inc. faucets are the “continuous flow” levers. You can turn the levers up and they stay up and allow the water to flow. Then you can fill a large pot with ease and multitask in the kitchen without having to stay and hold the faucet in the on position. This is true for the hot and the cold side.

Water, Inc.'s Hot & Cold Faucet Collection

• The EverHot is like your best friend in the kitchen. In fact, she just opened up her own Instagram page to share all her tips & tricks. You can follow her here!

Until next time,

“Modest Waste Michele” signing off!

Michele Avignon Gravina

Water, Inc. Brand Ambassador

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