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Ozone Water For Your Kitchen PART II

Ozone Water For Your Home In our last post, we introduced you to ozone water.  We talked about food safety outbreaks, how ozone is made, and how it sanitizes.  Fitting, since our last post, unfortunately another huge recall outbreak is all over the news.  This time ground beef is the culprit. Now we’ll be more specific …

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Residential Ozone Water

Food Safety Is A Concern of Your Family The Environmental Working Group has released their new Dirty Dozen list for 2019 – did you see it?  Kale.  Apparently it’s trouble.  Feeling hesitant to eat romaine lettuce  after the scare that emptied grocery shelves last fall? This E. coli outbreak affected families in seventeen states.  Other culprits? Ground beef, turkey, romaine …

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Microplastics Poisoned Water

I just read a disturbing article from Business Insider about microplastics in bottled water. Let me preface this by saying I think bottled water in general is disturbing.  My hope is this article turns some heads and gets people listening about the dangers of bottled water.  This isn’t to shame anyone, although I’m feeling a little …

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Countdown to KBIS

Countdown To KBIS We are so excited for this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, Feb 19‐21st in Las Vegas! It is all things K & B, and combined with the International Builders Show it’s the place to be next week for our industry. On the official KBIS website they tout 31K attendees, 600 exhibitors, 400 …

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Whole Life Challenge and Filtered Water

Happy New Year! We all have grand aspirations at the start of a New Year, like a blank state. Lose weight, pay off debt, exercise more, take 5 mins of daily meditation, eat healthy….you know the drill. Have you heard about the Whole Life Challenge?  I just signed up for this with a local team, …

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My EverHot Instant Hot Water

My Best Friend: A Day in the Life of my EverHot Instant Hot Water My EverHot® instant hot water system is hands down, the favorite thing in my kitchen! I have been saying this for years and years. The EverHot is like your best friend in the kitchen. A Bold Statement for a Bold Appliance …

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Small Business Saturday Part 2: Appreciating our local dealers

Small Business Saturday, for Water, Inc., is about appreciating all the small businesses we work with, thank you to all the brick and mortar locations that have helped make us what we are today. Hopefully you are stuffed from your Thanksgiving feast, and have made your way through the leftovers - which is the best …

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Small Business Saturday: Appreciating our local dealers

Get Ready for Shop Small Business Saturday! Today we gear up for Shop Small Business Saturday as we discuss small vs big. Then we are taking the opportunity to highlight some of our favorite local dealers.  This blog isn't as much of an advertisement to “shop this sale” or “buy this, click here” but more …

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lead in the water

Back To School

It's Back To School Time.  Back to your kids drinking water with lead???  This is “old” news indeed because it has been in the news for years.  But despite all the news and concern, it is still relevant because many schools have not tested or addressed the lead issue.  I just read another article regarding …

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