Perlick Asks The Interior Designer: Ways To Create Comfort At Home

The following article has been reposted with permission from Perlick. Home is where the heart is. The truth is, home is where EVERYTHING is these days: work, school, dinner and a movie, the corner bar, newscasts, concerts, sporting events, etc. With stay at home orders of varying degrees across the United States due to COVID-19, …

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How To Clean Your Fridge

Deep Cleaning Your Fridge And Other Spring Cleaning Ideas During Coronavirus By now (if you’re anything like me) you have Lysol-ed and Clorox-ed your door knobs, light switches, iPhones, computer keyboards and countertops a gazillion times.  It gets me thinking about all the other places where those Corona cooties might be hiding. What a great time …

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Washing your hands with soap and ozone water.

COVID New Normal – Stay Safe With Ozone Water

Ozone Water This is huge!  We have told you before about using the benefits of ozone water.  Now more than ever, sanitizing using ozone technology offers an incredible tool as we move into a COVID new normal.  Ozone is used to kill bacteria and viruses on food, but did you know you can also use it …

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an apple with Perlick refrigerators in the background

MASS Beverly – Water, Inc. Customer Highlight

MASS Beverly is a leader in international luxury home design showrooms. Representing a collection of leading European brands curated by design purveyor Mary Ta, founder of the Minotti Los Angeles showroom, and Lars Hypko, an Italian-trained architect. Serving A Global Audience  Located in West Hollywood but serving a global audience, the showroom offers a 360-degree approach to …

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picture of KBB magazine

A Wellness Company Before Wellness Was A Trend

(and some last minute holiday gift ideas) I got the KBB publication yesterday, amongst many Christmas cards from friends.  The cover struck me with the phrase “Design for Wellness.” This wellness trend is taking over every industry. Before “wellness” was exercising and eating clean.  Now it is a strong and profitable facet even of the Kitchen …

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Robby Scott and Major Avignon

Meet Robby Scott

Water, Inc. is excited to announce a new member of our Regional Sales Managers team, Robby Scott.  Robby will be responsible for continuing to strengthen showroom and wholesale customer relationships to grow the Water, Inc. brands in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Southern Idaho.  His Perlick residential products territory includes Colorado and Utah. Robby’s Background Robby lives …

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tom on his road bike

Water Fast For Better Health

Fasting Throughout History For thousands of years throughout cultures and religions, fasting has been a protocol for improving health and spiritual well-being. Many thinkers and healers such as Socrates, Plato, Hippocrates and Aristotle praised the benefits of fasting. Recently, fasting has seen a revitalization due to its many benefits.  Not to mention the fact that …

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ozone faucet 1 with generator

Ozone Water For Your Kitchen PART II

Ozone Water For Your Home In our last post, we introduced you to ozone water.  We talked about food safety outbreaks, how ozone is made, and how it sanitizes.  Fitting, since our last post, unfortunately another huge recall outbreak is all over the news.  This time ground beef is the culprit. Now we’ll be more specific …

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image of Water, Inc. Ozone Faucet

Residential Ozone Water

Food Safety Is A Concern of Your Family The Environmental Working Group has released their new Dirty Dozen list for 2019 – did you see it?  Kale.  Apparently it’s trouble.  Feeling hesitant to eat romaine lettuce  after the scare that emptied grocery shelves last fall? This E. coli outbreak affected families in seventeen states.  Other culprits? Ground beef, turkey, romaine …

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Beautiful kitchen with Perlick refrigeration

Countdown to KBIS

Countdown To KBIS We are so excited for this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, Feb 19‐21st in Las Vegas! It is all things K & B, and combined with the International Builders Show it’s the place to be next week for our industry. On the official KBIS website they tout 31K attendees, 600 exhibitors, 400 …

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