Water, Inc. is pleased to announce that it now represents Italian breakout appliance brand SMEG in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico.  SMEG is renowned for creating beautiful kitchen products that combine technology and style, and makes appliances that are both high-performing and crafted in Italy from quality materials.

The name SMEG is an acronym for "Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla." In English this is roughly translated to: Metal Enameling Plant of Guastalla, Emilia. This uniquely sophisticated brand has been around since 1948 and has since grown into a global staple in the appliance world. With a reputation of the highest style, function, technology and quality, we are proud to represent SMEG and bring this elevated brand to our customers and retail locations.

Whatever vibe you are looking to possess: sophisticated & sleek, retro & cool, or a dramatic pop of color - SMEG's line of appliances will take your breath away.  SMEG offers ranges, cooktops, and ventilation hoods.  In built-ins SMEG offers convection ovens, combi steam, combi speed, drawers (warming & storage), microwave ovens, and coffee makers.  In cooling SMEG has you covered with traditional refrigerators, 50's style refrigerators and wine coolers.  From big to small, SMEG also carries dishwashers and small domestic appliances.

As we have arrived to the announcement of this exciting partnership, our sales team is working to bring this line of Italian masterpieces to a local dealer near you.  Stay tuned for more details and information.  In the meantime, scroll down to get a taste of what SMEG can do to enhance your kitchen and your life!