Ultraviolet UV-Light Water Disinfection

Using ultraviolet light for water treatment, the Acuva Eco NX-Silver UV-LED Water Disinfection System is a great way to assure safer drinking water for your family. We recommend pairing this ultraviolet light system with a Body Glove Water Filter System to enjoy the benefit of the combined power of these two water purification technologies.  Read on to see benefits and availability!

Acuva Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System Available Through Water, Inc.

Acuva’s Eco NX provides high-performance ultraviolet water disinfection without the need for ongoing lamp replacement. This UV-LED system can last 10 or more years with typical use.

Recommended for use along with a water filtration system (not included). Water filters remove sediment, chlorine/odor and some contaminants, but they don’t remove microbial pathogens smaller than 5 microns – this is where the ultraviolet treatment steps up. The IntenseBeam Technology inactivates any microorganism present in your water with powerful UV-LEDs.

Power adapter and all essential installation components included.

Certified by IAMPOR&T Against:
NSF/ANSI 55 Class ‘B’ Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment Systems
Class ‘B’ certified at 1.2L/min – Delivers a UV dose of >16mJ/cm2 at device end of life.
Disinfects <99.9999% of E. coli at 4 L/min.
NSF/ANSI 372 Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content

See full specs here.

How Does Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Work?

Read more information about how the Acuva UV system works  in our latest blog.

  • State of the Art Ultraviolet Water Disinfection.
  • UV-LED Technology sterilizes harmful microbes for safer drinking water.
  • The Acuva Eco NX Silver is shown here paired with a Body Glove Water Filter System and a Water, Inc. faucet.
  • No lamps, bulbs, or chemical cartridge replacements needed.
  • Long-lasting stainless steel construction with UV-LED lights that activate on-demand to extend system lifetime.
  • Connects to a 110V AC or 12V DC power source so you can have safer water wherever you are – home, off-grid, RV or boat.
  • With flow sensing activation, this system only uses power when actively disinfecting water.
  • For high capacity model see our Arrow 5 system

Acuva Ultraviolet Disinfection shown installed with a Body Glove Filter and Water, Inc. faucet.

Where Can I Buy Acuva?

Water, Inc. is thrilled to be distributing this advanced technology. We are currently working to get Acuva displayed in all of our fine local retailers.  Look up a local dealer near you here (search under the category of Body Glove Water Filters) and any of these dealers can order this ultraviolet system for you.  If you would prefer to order online, please click here to go to our webstore.

More Information about Acuva Ultraviolet UV-Light Technology

This is a small, lightweight, advanced system with little maintenance required.  It utilizes a UV light so there are no bulbs to change.  Please click here to download our Acuva brochure.