Acuva Ultraviolet UV-Light Water Disinfection Systems

Using ultraviolet light for water treatment, the Acuva Water Disinfection Systems are a chemical free method to assure safer drinking water for your family. Acuva KILLS up to 99.9999%  of all types of bacteria and viruses by inactivating any microorganism present in your water with powerful ultraviolet LED lights.

Choose from two systems to meet your needs

Water, Inc. is offering two different Acuva solutions. The NX Silver is for single application to your filter faucet.  The Arrow 5 is our high-capacity and high flow option – use it on your main kitchen faucet and other water sources!  We recommend pairing these ultraviolet light systems with a Body Glove Water Filter System to enjoy the benefit of the combined power of these two water purification technologies. Look below to choose what’s right for you and click on the picture to see more.