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A Wellness Company Before Wellness Was A Trend

(and some last minute holiday gift ideas)

I got the KBB publication yesterday, amongst many Christmas cards from friends.  The cover struck me with the phrase “Design for Wellness.” This wellness trend is taking over every industry. Before “wellness” was exercising and eating clean.  Now it is a strong and profitable facet even of the Kitchen and Bath Industry.

by Definition

Wellness  by definition of Merriam Webster means: “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.”

For Kitchen and Bath

It does work though for us in K&B, don’t get me wrong. We have the opportunity of really helping our clients live a healthier, more balanced life in the total comfort of their own home. This is what makes it work so well, “accessible wellness” if you will.  No need for a trip to the gym, or the spa, or the health food store.

What comes to mind for you when you think wellness in the K & B industry? I think of a kitchen that is inspirational enough to cook a nutritious meal instead of opting for the convenience of take out.  A meal that is so delicious, that it is enjoyed around a big table, with the whole family, great conversation, sans technology, and abundant with laughter.  Or a master bath that truly can promote relaxation after a long and stressful day at work.

Wellness Before Wellness was a Thing

And then, what I realize is Water, Inc. was wellness WAY before wellness was a trend. Major founded our company on the benefits – the wellness, the “good health” as Merrian Webster puts it – of clean filtered water all the way back in 1977.  This was significantly before anyone knew why they really needed water filtration.  He brought filtered water faucets into homes, and pioneered the concept of the instant hot, making these commodities in the kitchen that they are today.


In the KBB article, I was pleasantly surprised that design around water quality was suggested, and even whole house filtration.  Knowledge surrounding water quality issues is so important, so that even the common homeowner can understand why they need to treat their water.  (Not just the ones that have a masters degree in chemistry.)  Water filtration is just as important as replacing the HEPA filter in your furnace, or the Radon mitigation system in your basement, or why low VOC paint is necessary.  Reading and hearing about water filtration in main-stream media is a great thing!

Other wellness solutions from designers in the article include: heated floors in bathrooms and kitchens, color pallets to support “emotional needs,” bidet attachments for toilets, zero-gravity tubs (I had to look this up – read more from one of our incredible customers here), easy care plants (necessary!!), among other ideas.

Wellness Through Water Filtration

Buyer beware, there are many companies that are out there now, jumping on the wellness water filtration trend.  Keep in mind, we have been the industry leader and expert for over 40 years.  We feel honored to help our customers understand their water-wellness needs and explain in clear cut ways how we can address your personal issues.  Please reach out and let us know how we can help you. We have a real receptionist even to answer your call at 1-800-322-WATER.

picture of water filtration faucets
Water Filtration for Wellness

A Few More Ideas Inspired By The K & B Industry (and last minute gift ideas because it’s that time of year)

A bath, filled with hot water and a bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics.  This one is my fav for the holidays.  A glass of wine aids in relaxation.

Enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, without the wait, with an Everhot systemAveda Comfort Tea is the best, and naturally sweetened.

Take the time to do a nice routine at night before bed.  Using organic cosmetics is made easier when you add a Perlick Refrigerator to your master suite. Spritzing cold elixir like this one from the Body Deli before your night-time cream is so soothing.

This is a great read on why you should take the time to put away your phone and do something you really enjoy each day.  Perhaps the most simple way to inspire wellness is to have the self-discipline to put the tech away each day for a dedicated period of time.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and we wish you all wonderful time with your family and friends.

(Photo Credits: Design Audra Wrightson, CID, NKBA of AUDRA INTERIORS, INC. & photo by Rod Foster)